Praise for takebacktheisland

As Seen in the NEW YORK TIMES!! (suck it bitches!)  

  • “Pathologically hostile.”–editor for The New York Daily News 
  • “We’ll need to talk about this further.”–our therapist 
  • “Ruby strong-armed me into returning my adopted baby. Best decision of my life.”Max Brallier, author, “Reasons to Smoke” 
  • “Does this mean I’ll never get any grandkids?”–Ruby’s mom
  •  “A uniquely bizarre joke.”–Venture Capitalist
  •  “Seriously one of the funniest things ever… Blake is full of shit.”–our Kiwi muse
  • “Flat-out funny. It’s like I heard a cop in uniform tell a woman who was beating the shit out of her two year old on the Bedford L platform: ‘do that at home, not in front of me.'”–mks, yogi ring leader of a traveling yeshiva sideshow 
  • “Sophomorically pathetic.”–Huffington Post blogger
  •  “It’s pretty awesome, if we say so ourselves. And we say so.”–Josie and Ruby

25 responses to “Praise for takebacktheisland

  1. I hate babies, which is how I knew this site was for me!!

  2. Babiesonthebrain

    I’m so offended by this site, I need to go make a prayer circle over on Beliefnet.

    Y’all are gonna burn in hell! Burn in hell forever birthing children!

  3. As one who lives in the Left Coast Park Slope (Portland, OR), I salute you.

  4. Fucking dumb.

  5. it must be hard being such a bunch of sadistic people!!! you do not deserve children and they certainly do not deserve sick bastards like you !!!!! people like you should be wiped from this planet and every sick tosser like you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!|

  6. Oops! I fogot to have children. Now let me enjoy my peaceful fun life with your screaming child somewhere other than near me!

  7. I am so angry about the Park Slope moms who think they have the right to take their kids to bars that I am shaking. I just read the times piece. I applaud your site and your mission. I am 38 and live on the UWS, what Park Slope is turning into, and I am so sick of these parents my age that it fills me with rage.

    Thanks for your site.

  8. let me drink in peace

    keep fighting the good fight. drive the yuppies and their hellspawn back to the suburbs where they belong.

  9. I do agree with you that NYC is no place for children. I also agree that it only fit for human trash so you can have your filthy, disgusting, rat infested, sesspool called New York City. I will keep my children out of your way. By the way you and I are both rapidly becoming a minority because the people who can’t read this article are the ones who are “spawning” the most babies. I am also guessing that you, like those who are opposed to abortion, are so ugly that no one would ever stick anything in you that would get you pregnant in first place.

  10. I hate breeders and their crotch droppings too. Please keep the screaming sproggin, and their annoying sanctamommies out of my bar, I’m trying to drink in peace.

  11. Cheers for Sunday’s article and your group!! The smoking ban was tough enough – there is a “Pub” in Virginia – my residence – that went smoke-free because the owner wanted to babysit her grandchildren there. The ole Pub is now a nursery . . . I’m not a baby-hater – just don’t expect me to share mommy’s enthusiasm!
    Good luck!!!

  12. I love children and especially babies (bc they can’t talk back). BUT I know where they belong and where they don’t. I’m tired of hearing about child and family friendly places. There are PLENTY of those. I’m tired of walking into a bar & seeing kids running around. I’m tired of hearing time out and use your indoor voice.

    Most parents suck and so do their snotty nosed kids.

  13. Love the site! the problem isn’t the kids, it’s the parents who still want to be kids. The children didn’t do anything except have the misfortune of being spawned by self-absorbed, materialistic, mindless, pottery barn-buying yuppie scum. Kids don’t belong in bars, we don’t want them there (or you for that matter) and the world doesn’t revolve around your rugrats. These people are the result of over-gentrification and the loss of the “real” New York. No more Whole Foods or Linens ‘N Things. Bring on the OTB’s, grindhouses, porno shops, seedy liquor stores and motels. Viva New York!

  14. Love the site! You guys are the smartest. How come no mention yet of the twin spawn of J Ho and Skeletor? I read that they have diamond-encrusted rattles. I’d love to see you rail on them (and their scary daddy).

  15. Wow, hilarious. It’s good to know all of the things I can do with my child to annoy you. I knew about the fancy restaurant and movies, but from here on out I’ll be bringing my toddler to the bar and only booking red eye flights.
    If you feel so strongly about the issue maybe you should all just get sterilized or better yet kill yourselves since your genetic dead ends anyways.

  16. So when all you child haters were children did your parents drop you all on your heads!? lol I think so!

  17. I applaud you guys! I think that anyone who thinks that parenthood is some special unselfish act is deficient themselves in some way. It is is using lives as fashion accessories and human population is going to destroy the planet eventually. I do agree with one respondent who said that nost people having kids in the U.S.A are not able to speak the language or afford a family. We are reversing Darwinism… I will continue to enjoy my child free selfish ,sad and empty existence thank you. I love children it is the selfish assholes who pluck thier spirits from the ether to fulfill thier own needs that i do not care for. My mother would never think of taking me to an adult venue where drinking was going on. What is wrong woth these people?

    • @David
      ‘human population is going to destroy the planet eventually’ so your solution is to never have children so we die out quiker? Oh how very ‘unselfish’ of you….
      Maybe your just traumatised that your mum may have carried you like a ‘fashion accessory’, this is not my case and so I am grateful for my life and for every new one that comes into the world.

  18. Love your site, love your site, love your site. I shall spread news of it far and wide!

  19. Well said Timbo, I wouldn’t mind seeing an XXX movie theater in Park Slope. Hell, I’d love to see stripper clubs, XXX shops, Peep Shows, and XXX movie theaters in Times Square!

  20. moved to Park Slope. What the hell did you expect? I lived there 15 years ago and it was a family neighborhood then. It seems like it has been for a really long time. What, exactly, are you taking it back to? There’s plenty of neighborhoods without that lineage, sounds like you should pick one.

  21. How Did I Get Here?

    I’m sorry, I missed the entire message of the website because I was snorting coffee out of my nose, laughing at the premise of a bunch of trust fund hipster douchebag crybabies trying to “take back” anything, let alone a city that does not belong to them. Jesus, how about, for starters, you stop fucking worrying 24/7 about what a bunch of stupid yuppies are doing? Oh wait, but you yourselves are a bunch of yuppies who sailed into “the island” up to 6 years ago on your parents’ or grandparents’ fortunes and relationships – I nearly forgot!

    Sweethearts, my family lived in Manhattan for over 100 years and raised many kids there. They all worked in mills, factories, and my grandfather even had an outsanding job with Planters Peanuts! Woot! Those jobs are kind of like your little jobs as post-undergrad fellow in the communications office of Columbia, or as the junior assistant coordinator of diversity issue stewardship for NYU’s Undergrad Residence Life Program. I bet you really think that you EARN that $59,000 “stipend” because your wittle job is so hard! So now you’re going to “take back the island!” That is possibly the most hilarious thing I’ve heard all year. “But mommy, the lady wif da stroller is very mean!” Hahahahahaha!

    So get a grip on the validity of your own life and stop wasting time worrying about the fertile idiots who have nothing in common with you except a disturbingly average IQ and un petit peu of unearned upper class privelege, served as a chip on the shoulder.


  23. I was abused as a child severely, feeling alone in the world I felt empty, so I began having children by 18, I had 3. Worst mistake of my life. Two of them are autistic. I tried to raise them until they all provoked a nervous breakdown in me. The stress was beyond bearable. So many kids have autism yet most breeders sugar coat it and think their kid is a farking genius when they are destructive, disruptive, selfish, aggressive retards. Its a nightmare. A year ago I sent the children away after my nervous breakdown and I am finally happy its the best thing I ever did. The breeders tried to make me feel guilty but I don’t feel guilty anymore, I have a right to not be depressed everyday and not suffer anxiety attacks because of my children. I have a right to choose, its never too late.

  24. I don’t feel the need to apologize for liking children (as in “I LIKE children, it’s just […]”). Face it: you guys are a bunch of whiny losers; you will ALWAYS find somebody else to blame for your misery. I do not give a damn whether you decide to have kids or not, none of my business so stop feeling persecuted already. But if you claim to hate children I hate you, simple as that.

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