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we completely endorse this

In case there were any question, tbti is completely on board with children smoking. After all, if Mommy and Daddy want to treat their kids like grownups and take them to bars and rock concerts, it’s only natural that little Augustus or Petunia want to smoke, too.


badly named event comes to jersey

We got all excited when we saw a flyer for something called “Batting for Babies” in our mailbox yesterday. Sadly, it isn’t a day where people hit babies with baseball bats. It’s some kind of like minor league baseball fundraiser for babies or something. Whatever it is, it’s in Jersey and sounds lame. They should really work on coming up with a better name or they might accidentally end up with a bunch of baby-haters at their event trying to swing at their kids.

best video ever

We plan to watch this every time we have to push our way through a giant crowd of sanctamommies in Prospect Park:

when kids are the most annoying

We borrowed this from the really awesome Craplicious, who might hate kids more than we do.

the campaign to take back the island begins in the air

Well, it begins on the airwaves that is. Our patron saint Andy Heidel is at it again. Not content to let Josie and Ruby coast into spring unaware–April was the cruelest month not just because T.S. Elliot told us so but because the plastic came off the double strollers and we had to listen to kid babble–Heidel took it to the airwaves of NPR’s 11centralave and brought his story about the dangers of babies in bars. Take a listen to andy! And, in honor of our patron saint, let’s be sure to kick every baby we see in a bar. Remember beer gardens count too.

another argument for tbti air

“In America there are two classes of travel – first class, and with children.
–Robert Benchley

31 flavors of dead baby

What is Baskin Robbin’s flavor of the month this month? 
Blue Baby Cheesecake.