we completely endorse this

In case there were any question, tbti is completely on board with children smoking. After all, if Mommy and Daddy want to treat their kids like grownups and take them to bars and rock concerts, it’s only natural that little Augustus or Petunia want to smoke, too.


One response to “we completely endorse this

  1. I used to hate kids. Then I thought, what the heck, I’ll give it a try. Now I feel sorry for people who hate kids — people who are so self-absorbed they can’t bother to make time, or effort to appreciate children. You learn a lot from kids — a lot of things most of you have likely forgotten, like how to appreciate and love others deeply, how to see the beauty in everything, how to sing and laugh with abandon. Go ahead, take another drag off your smoke and laugh your raspy laugh about how horrible kids are. Maybe you just had a bad childhood, but don’t blame the kids — blame your parents for bringing you here. Thank you.

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