take back the bars

A tipster emailed us last night to report a baby-hating moment that really warmed our ice cold hearts:

I was at a bar in Williamsburg that had a huge backyard, full of hipsters and this one couple with a toddler. Everyone kept shooting the kid death glares. Then (maybe because of telekinesis?) the kid tripped and hit his head. He started screaming and no one went over to help the parents. Don’t worry he wasn’t bleeding or anything. The parents couldn’t believe no one helped them and they packed up all their shit and left. While they were walking to the door several people loudly “whispered” “why would you bring a kid to a bar?!”

Nice work, Williamsburg. Remember, if one breeder has a bad experience at a bar they’ll send out the sanctamommy bat signal and tell all the other parents and their kidlets to stay away. Your bar should be safe for now.


One response to “take back the bars

  1. Score one for the hipsters! (They’re only NYC demographic more universally despised than parents, so they’ve gotta take whatever they can get.)

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