“away we go” rewards sanctamommies

The new movie “Away We Go” is trying to trick you into thinking it’s good. The main characters, a hipster couple about to have a kid, are played by Jim from “The Office” and Maya Rudolph (aka Donatella Versace on “Saturday Night Live.”) It’s written by real life married authors Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida. However, the New York post writer, Sara Stewart, who reviewed the movie is onto them and does a public service by making sure everybody knows that the movie is just a nicely wrapped package full of sanctamommy (and daddy) attitude. The article is not just about the movie, it’s a rant about how New York parents are uptight, holier-than-thou douches who lecture each other about organic food and think they’re better parents than everyone else. (Sara calls it parent-on-parent shaming.)

Coincidentally, Eggers’ old neighborhood, Park Slope, remains ground zero for NYC’s alt-parenting elite — though they can be found in every corner of town. Whenever eyebrows raise at a mom feeding formula to her baby; whenever a parent tells another, “We don’t have TV in our house;” whenever a baby is forced to wear a $40 Ramones onesie, the spirit of parental one-upmanship is there.

Luckily, not every NYC parent is a brainwashed yuppie. Sara managed to find some normal people (tbti readers, maybe?).

One acid-tongued commentator on the Brooklyn baby scene, a man who will only give us his blog name (“Blogngr”), has penned an online apology for presumptuous hipster-parent misdeeds.

“We the parents of Park Slope and the surrounding vicinity,” he writes on his blog, “hereby declare our realization that we and our children can, at times, be annoying as F – – K. We are naturally compelled to value our children’s feelings and well-being above all else, frequently to the exclusion of our consideration for others, our capacity for courtesy, and our common sense.”

Holier-than-thou parenting, he says, is as old as humankind. It just comes in different formats. Today’s “Away We Go” brand is based in a competition to see who can, as he puts it, be the “least evil.” (He hasn’t seen the movie, he adds, but has watched the trailer. “I swear to Christ,” he says, “you’d have to kidnap my children and demand a ticket stub as ransom to get me to go see it.”)

OK, we’ve gotta find this guy’s blog and link to it. Hello new best friend.


One response to ““away we go” rewards sanctamommies

  1. Thanks for keeping me from a crappy movie. Good save.

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