we have a british counterpart

Model Marie Helvin, who is modeling for the UK department store Marks & Spencer, is 56 and really fucking rad. She also agrees with us a lot! Marie hates leggings, likes pencil skirts, and is adamantly anti-kid.

I’ve had an amazing life, done lots of fantastic things. I never wanted children, so that’s not an issue.” She is very clear on this point, having once had an abortion when she lived in Japan.

Once again, Marie proves that not spawning is excellent for your health, your looks, and your sanity.

Hey, Marie, any interest in starting a London version of tbti? We can’t pay you, but you can totally stay at our apartment whenever you’re in town!


One response to “we have a british counterpart

  1. I think the British have a different outlook on child rearing. Though there are probably a number of breeders there who feel procreating is something special that comes with entitlements. Nip it in the bud! QUICK !send me there and I will be your johnny on the spot…..no pun intended!

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