cnn guy hates your kids

We don’t know much about Jack Cafferty from CNN, but he seems like a grumpy old dude. His style could be described as “get off my lawn.” But he has a book coming out and part of it hates on annoying people and their kids, so we’re going to have to buy it. Here’s some of what he says

Exhibit A: My wife and I have just been seated for dinner when the maitre d’ walks over and seats a young family at the table next to us and the kids start carrying on like orangutans on a leash.

The parents are going, “Timmy, that’s not nice, don’t throw your food, stop stuffing your mashed potatoes up your nose.” Are mom and dad having fun yet, picking food up off the floor, apologizing to people like us, and wiping food flung across the table off their faces?

Some parents still have this attitude that their kids are too special to be burdened by discipline. And the rest of us are supposed to put up with their little mutants. That attitude really pisses me off.

I hate to break it to them, but the kids aren’t special, and I don’t have to put up with their behavior. If you can’t control your obnoxious little brats, leave them home.

They don’t belong out in public annoying other people, period. I don’t remember a generation of kids ever so indulged and enabled to behave so badly. What’s going on?

Preach it, dude.


2 responses to “cnn guy hates your kids

  1. Well said Jack, well said! Frankly, not only do parents like that pair make me wish Times Square was the way it was back when I was little…right now, but I also would’ve had enough sense to not eat out at a place like that with children for until they could sit still and actually eat their food. There’s a place in the city for you entitle-moos and your irritable supernanny finalist’s called a family restaurant with a kid’s menu. Go there, NOW!

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