baby-hating new yorker on tv

The TV show “How I Met Your Mother” is super funny. It’s set in New York and is like “Friends” but not lame. And even though they’re not real people, we wanted to give them the tbti seal of approval for some baby hating they did on an old episode we just watched. Robin, who is our favorite character (she used to be a teen pop star in Canada, below is her music video) had a couple of good quotes about babies:

I love sports cars, but I’m not about to push a Ferrari out of my vagina.

Babies are scary, OK. They have giant eyes, and come on, the soft spot? If there’s gonna be a self-destruct button, at least hide it somewhere it wouldn’t accidentally get pressed!

I mean, yeah, it’s cute that their shoes are real little, but beyond that what’s the draw?

You said it, Robin Sparkles.


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