jerry seinfeld has kids, kind of hates their friends

Jerry Seinfeld is like a quintessential New Yorker. He’s a Jewish dude on the Upper West Side who goes to delis. And, yes, he’s married and has kids. But he also seems to hate everyone else’s kids. (We empathize.) He recently was on Letterman and talked about how much he hates going to kids’ birthday parties. I’m trying to remember what it was like going to kids’ parties when I actually was a kid, and now I remember how Chuck E Cheese had all those soda pitchers that were only for the grownups. The whole thing makes a lot more sense now.

Anyway, here’s the clip of Jerry hating on kids.


4 responses to “jerry seinfeld has kids, kind of hates their friends

  1. I, for one, am glad we did not have Chuck E Cheese back in the 60’s when I was a little kid. I hated it the couple of times I had to bring my kids to parties there. To be honest, my kids always had more fun when just did the party at our house when their grandparents, aunties and uncles could come-and bring their dogs along to play. Way more fun than Chuck E Cheese…and the food was better, too!

  2. One of the arguments I hear all the time by parents who think I am making a colossal mistake by choosing not to procreate is the “it’s different when they are your own.” While this may or may not be true, Jerry Seinfeld does point out one of the major drawbacks of children even if you like your own; their friends. It is inevitable that children will grow up and make friends forcing you to deal with the spawn of other people. Of course Chuck E Cheese and other popular places for children’s birthday parties does provide an excellent reminder as to why birth control is such a wonderful and necessary invention.

  3. Meh. I bet a buck that Jerry could care less if he ever had kids. It’s the wife who always has to squeeze a couple out due to the bio clock ticking.
    Most men could care less. Dumb bastards just go along for the ride. Pathetic.
    Re: Chuck E Cheese. Remember reading about an employee confessing how horrible those places are. Said kids were always puking in the ball pit and there was no way to ever get it completely clean.
    Think about that one.

  4. I wish people would shut up with that breeder bingo shit Explosive Bombchelle…and this is coming from someone who is childless. Yep, childless and will probably have kids in the future. However, I refuse to become a sanctamommy; I’m going to be a PNB(parent not breeder). This world would be better if we had more PNBs than we did sanctamommies or entitlemoos.

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