take back the island airlines just got some new customers

Our fight to get kids the hell off of airplanes might have some new supporters. A press release that came out today asked people–ones with kids and ones without–how they felt about kids on planes. The question was “Should airlines have a section of the plane reserved for parents with babies and smaller children?” Here are some of the results.

airplane kid

airplane kid

  • 58 percent: “Yes, they should have done this long ago.”
  • 27 percent: “Yes, but they never will and it’ll never work.”
  • 15 percent: “No, this is a bad idea.”

Looks like we know who to ask for donations toward starting Take Back the Island Kid-Free Airlines.


3 responses to “take back the island airlines just got some new customers

  1. I think this is really true on trans-atlantic flights. Nothing worse than listening to a screaming kid from JFK all the way to Charles de Gaulle in Paris. You would think Airlines would try to find any niche that would help with customers. (And full disclosure, I am a parent and grandparent)

  2. It is my fondest and dearest wish that kids be in separate, soundproof area on plane. It will never happen though. Narcissist parents these days aren’t content unless they are shoving their kids up everyone else asses.

  3. I was remembering incident that took place on flight to Hawaii. We were in first class, first row in middle section with bulkhead wall directly ahead and an entry to stew area, galley etc on either side.
    An extended family was taking up most of the section. Two rugrats, male and female, grade school age began chasing each other ’round and ’round. Up one aisle, through the galley, down other isle. Other passengers trying to sleep as was I and DH. Then these two c***nuggets got the idea to shortcut right over in front of us, barely slowing down to dodge our feet.
    My blood pressure was through the roof. Of course no adult took responsibilty for this 3 ring circus.
    So I slowly edged the sharp edge of my sandle clad foot out into the aisle and as little Shitleigh came by…WHAM! That little brat took it HARD on the shin! It was brilliant. She got all weepy and whined to Moomie Dearest that that she ran into that ladies shoe.
    I just continued to doze. Acted oblivious. Put a stop the the shenanigans.

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