even baby-lovers are baby-haters

pope benedict palpatine

pope benedict palpatine

If there’s any group of people you think would love babies, it’s the Catholics right? They have like eight each! But it turns out the Catholics are actually kind of sick of kids and of this whole “sex is only for making babies” bullshit. More than 50 Catholic groups asked the Pope if he would lift the ban on contraception. He’ll probably say no, because no one would ever actually convert to being Catholic so the only way to get more butts in the seats is to make sure people procreate.

Until he lifts the ban, the Pope is officially a Take Back the Island enemy. And he looks like Emperor Palpatine.


2 responses to “even baby-lovers are baby-haters

  1. I hate babies!!! I eat them

  2. excellent pope picture. i’m going to forward that widely to all my catholic friends.

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