rant from rita

ED NOTE: This rant came to us in the comments but we thought it was so fantastic we wanted to post it in plain sight and make this lovely Rita our “person of the week.”

Think about it, people, EVERYTHING revolves around the little shits!!

For example:

-The reason why homosexuality is considered a sin…because the whole point of people of different sexes getting together is to *of course* HAVE CHILDREN!!!

-That stupid MPAA/rating system in the movies!! Movies even being taken out because of their content!! Know why??? To protect LITTLE CHILDREN!!!!!

-Almost half the world’s crimes and felonies have something to do with PROTECTING LITTLE CHILDREN!!!


-Holidays, birthdays, seasons…REVOLVE AROUND LITTLE CHILDREN!!!!

-Also, we adults aren’t allowed to bring food or drink into a store….yet LITTLE CHILDREN, who are alot messier, are free to bring in their juice boxes and animal crackers into any store they damn well please!! Hell, they’re even allowed to take their shoes and socks off and make the rest of us suffer with their smelly poopoo/peepee-stained feet out in the open!!

All I have to say is ENOUGH WITH THE LITTLE CHILDREN CRAP ALREADY!!!! They’re loud, they’re obnoxious, they’re disgusting, they smell like shit, they’re ugly and they are ANNOYING!!!!!!


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