giada to make some baby pudding?

Food Network star and severe hottie Giada de Laurentiis is back to TV after having a baby. She gives a less-annoying-than-usual interview about what it’s like to be a new mom (she called the kid ‘a blob’! will she be the subject of a million OMG SHE HATEX TEH BABEEES!!1! headlines like Angelina Jolie was when she called Shiloh ‘a blob’?). However, she says that she’ll have the baby in the kitchen with her while she cooks.

Now, I know all the sanctamommies are going to be all up in arms about babies in kitchens and blah blah food safety or whatever, but we’re totally pro-baby in the kitchen, especially if she’s near all those knives and other sharp utensils…


2 responses to “giada to make some baby pudding?

  1. Baby pudding. Ewwwwwwwwwww!

    I love “the blob.” I’m stealing that.

  2. I’m just so happy Giada hid herself from public and didn’t show off the whole pregnancy thing, parading around her blobby baby belly like some badge of courage.

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