rest in child-free peace, George Carlin

George Carlin was one funny motherfucker, and we were sad to hear about his death yesterday. One thing we can remember in our honoring of him is that he died at 71, blissfully kid-free*. George always pointed out the dumb things in our society, and people with kids were one of the dumb things he had no problem ranting about.

*Update: Thanks to the readers who let us know Carlin, in fact, has a daughter. Luckily, this daughter appears to be neither a) a Hollywood brat, or b) a burden on society, so it seems he really meant all the shit he said about parenting.

So, in honor of a fallen tbti warrior, we present this hilarious video:


George Carlin (1937-2008)


7 responses to “rest in child-free peace, George Carlin

  1. Thank you! This lovely video not only brightened my afternoon, but it’s the most sense I’ve heard all day!

  2. God, I still can’t believe this guy’s gone. Anyway this is by far my alltime favorite routine because everything he said is totally true and alot of us agree with him.

  3. I don’t get the Kid free thing? He had a daughter.
    What are you trying to say??
    Did you not know he was a dad and are childless yourself or am i missing something.

  4. I was/am/will always be a hardcore Carlin fan.
    I’m also vehemently CF as well, which is why it pains me to tell you that he DOES have a daughter. She was interviewed on Larry King Live Monday night during King’s tribute to Carlin.

    She’s actually pretty well known.

    Just wanted you to know…

  5. That was great! I love George Carlin, always have, always will. Daughter or not (I also have one so I can’t judge too harshly), he was hilarious. And damned straight on the last bit too — more daydreaming and less activities.

    This site is great! (Even if I am a grandmother.) Got an Albany chapter?

  6. I remember watching this when it was on ten years ago and when he started talking about “CHIIIILDREEEN” I SOOOOO agreed with him on EVERYTHING he said! It’s about time someone stood up and told it like it is rather than further cater to those little turds!! I miss you, George!!

  7. And he is totally right…there is entirely too much emphasis on small children all the time and everything DOES revolve around these little crapcakes!! Believe me, do I ever know how smelly, unpleasant-looking and snotty (literally) little children are!! My 3-year-old cousin came over last year, of course my parents kept all the holiday crap up around the house even though it was well after Christmas, therefore we had to spend an entire week taking all the shit down!! And he was running around with his shitty diaper practically hanging off him with all the retarded adults gushing about how cute he is!! BLAH!!!! I knew better!! The little asswhipe had snot bubbles just pouring out of his nose and the unpleasant odor of stinky baby’s feet and stale urine and poop made me want to barf all over the place….but I was at my wit’s end when the little jerk started attacking my beloved pet cat and dog and when I went to stop him he starts crying and I got yelled at and sent to my room (even though I am a second-year college student and almost in my twenties!). In fact, I am dreading Christmas this year because I just know that little creep is coming by for another little visit….in fact, because my cat and dog both live with me and my guyfriends in our on-campus house, I’m thinking of staying at school during the holidays and the folks can let that little crapburger stay in my room! Maybe they should just adopt the little monster!

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