jenna jameson wants to have kids

Look, it’s one thing when you want to copy the cool kids by shopping at the same stores as them or getting a haircut like theirs. Then you’re only hurting you. But when you’re annoying duck lipped ex-porn star Jenna Jameson, you decide the way to be like the cool kids is to get knocked up. Now she’s going to drag some poor innocent kid(s) into her battle to be taken seriously as a human being. Jenna recently told Us Weekly that she just loves Angelina Jolie and wants to be just like her. However, she’s not imitating Angelina’s hairstyle, or her tattoos, or her philanthropy, or her commitment to social justice. No, she’s just planning to have babies. Because Angelina Jolie is totally the only person in the world who ever thought of that. If I walk past a pregnant chick on the street I immediately think “Wow, she’s pregnant, just like Angelina!” I guess now if I see a pregnant chick on the street I’ll have to think “Wow, she’s desperate to fill the empty spaces in her life by getting knocked up, just like Jenna Jameson!”


2 responses to “jenna jameson wants to have kids

  1. LoL – In case you’re interested, I just started a website called…

    Feel free to let your readers know about it – now, people who don’t want kids have a place to go to find reasons to give the people in their life who constantly ask them, “Why don’t you want kids?!?”

  2. You know this is EXACTLY what the world needs. Children from porn stars.


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