take back the book club

Lately, perhaps because of all the mommy lit floating around, Ruby and I sometimes shudder before we enter the bookstore. How many spb (strollers-per-bookshelves) will accost us? How many parents will be using our local bookstore as an extension of the playground and how many children will be crying, screaming and throwing stuff around the store? And if by chance the store is quiet, how many stroller heavy covers will accost me? How many table will be celebrating I Don’t Know How She Does It  along with other pink fun-mommy crap? There has to be another way and while No Kid has yet to find a US publisher, who will speak up and champion the rights to the stroller-free masses? Who will show those obnoxious city-parent-writers–ahem, Neil Pollack and Amy Sohn–for just what they are? In the process of reading slackjaw and speaking with mediabistro’s galleycat, we came up with a brilliant idea.

As launched on galleycat, take back the island would like to announce the start of our book club. We are taking suggestions about brilliant books that promote and celebrate our mission. We want books from the few, the proud, the unsperminated. We are taking suggestions via email and comments and can be reached at tbtisland@gmail.com


3 responses to “take back the book club

  1. Hi,guys-interesting website! I used to work in a small bookstore and dealt with the Stroller Mom crowd quite a bit(one of them even suggested that we move our bookshelves around to make it easier for the strollers and I had to explain to her that the shelves were bolted to the floor,making them unmovable. She was rather befuddled at that!)

    My suggestion for your first book club pick is The Nanny Diaries,which deals with some of the issues that you’re talking about and upset a lot of those Stroller Moms when it first came out.

  2. Here’s a suggestion…Rosemary’s Baby. Being that the baby born to Rosemary is literally the spawn of Satan, I think Ira Levin’s oeuvre is a perfect way to articulate some people’s feelings towards the actual hellspawn that inhabit the five boroughs…including the newly infested 6th borough…Hoboken. One more stroller store or mommy & me store and I will commit hari-kiri on Washington St.

  3. Hmmm…your bookclub could discuss Matilda and how the adults were unfairly portrayed — I think it would be quite subversive to take back a perfectly good book from the genre of children’s lit.

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