growing up

We’re a big fan of growing up. It turns babies into adults. And even with the awkwardness of childhood, there really is something beautiful in the whole process. Maybe this all came to me because I took my niece to see the lion king and started to tear during “The Circle of Life” or maybe it’s because this site too is growing up.  We’ve be bought. It was a joint merger from Babble and the Park Slope Parents listserv. And they have some great ideas that will keep the integrity of our sight but support the spirit of our parent companies. So, instead of “dead baby Mondays” we’re switching it up to knock, knock jokes. Also, “baby vs. something better” will switch to “fun NYC activities the whole family can enjoy.”


Last night, we had a big party for the deal and it was great to meet all the new faces we’ll be working with. Neal Pollack (that’s a picture of him at our party, BTW!) flew in from LA with Elijah. Little Elijah is so funny. He has great taste in music and cheese. Christina Coppa popped in too and JD has the prettiest eyes. We’re touched by how those two are just perfect for each other. They seem complete. Amy Sohn came too and girl still has it. She brought us a gift bag from the new Park Slope “toys in babeland” and taught us that moms can be sexy.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be moving our offices into the Slope. 7th and Union, if you want to come visit. The property values really are great there and they’ll be room for a nursery. So we can be full time bloggers and mommies.

With love from our newly warmed hearts and ovaries,

Josie and Ruby


2 responses to “growing up

  1. ~dogandmusiclover~

    I KNOW this is an April Fool’s joke! Good one!

  2. This better be an April Fool’s joke or there will be ABSOLUTELY NO MAKING OUT THIS WEEKEND.

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