when gynos are smarter than legislators

This story takes place in California–a place whose blatant bias toward breeders we’ve reported on before. A bill being considered in Sacramento would give pregnant women to get “temporarily disabled” parking spaces. While we think pregnancy is more of a mental illness than a physical disability, we can understand why you’d want to label breeders that way. However, giving them handicapped parking spaces is just another way of giving them rights they didn’t earn. What about people who genuinely can’t walk? Will they get pushed out of their rightful parking spaces by hormonal chicks who think God favors them because they’re knocked up?

It seems like we have an unusual ally in this situation: gynecologists. They think pregnant women need all the exercise they can get. We knew we liked the people who refill our birth control prescriptions.


2 responses to “when gynos are smarter than legislators

  1. Hey Cali — I’d like a temporarily disabled parking space too. I don’t need it for nine months — just for after marathons will do. Thanks.

  2. I’m visiting my parents in suburbia for the weekend, and I saw something absolutely horrific in the parking lot: spaces reserved for expecting mothers and customers with children. Ugh.

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