trader joe’s acknowledges rights of the child-free

To: Trader Joe’s Customer Relations Department
From: Lisa

I love your products, but every time I shop in your store I am continuously on edge because of the swarm of 40lb children running wildly through the store pushing 10lbs of groceries in a 4lb cart. Those “customer in training” carts are a menace.  If I’m not scurrying out of the way of a cart coming towards my shins at full speed, I’m dodging the customer in training flag post as the cart goes tumbling over behind me (when those carts tumble, those flags are at butt-leg crease level, trust me). This is the only Trader Joe’s location I’ve been to, and I’ve only been to this one four times. Before each trip I seriously have to think if I’m up to dealing with all the craziness. Sometimes I just go to my local grocery store instead, which is a shame, because I love your selection and prices.

We love Trader Joe’s (and of course their $3 wine), but they’re a little too kid-friendly for our taste. Luckily for Lisa–and us–there’s a happy ending to this story.

To: Lisa
From: Trader Joe’s Customer Relations Department

The children’s carts are a huge hit with our parents who are shopping with children but I do understand the negative impact they can have when unmonitored, especially in a busy store. Moving forward we are going to pull the carts off the floor during the busiest times to include all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday and have them available only by request.  This hopefully will help the parents take some responsibility in the children’s behavior while shopping. I’ve also asked my Full Time staff to try and monitor the children who are abusing the carts and making the parents aware of the safety
issue. I’ve talked to other stores with the same love/hate relationship in the cart program and this solution seems to be working well for all. I’d appreciate the chance to talk to you regarding this program if you get a chance.


One response to “trader joe’s acknowledges rights of the child-free

  1. How cool is it that you actually received a response AND they’re doing something about it?!

    I’m amazed!


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