finally, a celeb is honest about pregnancy

It’s bad enough that celebrities get pregnant and then carry their baby around like a damn accessory. But the worst part is the actual pregnancy itself, where they talk about how their bodies are so beautiful and awesome and womanly and oh no they had no negative symptoms everything was just roses and sunshine. This is such shit. It’s like when celebrities say they lose weight by taking their dog for a walk in the park, thus making it sound like any moron should be able to get skinny that way, when the truth is more complicated (and involves juice fasts and colonics).

Celebrity mom Marcia Cross, who can do no wrong in our eyes thanks to her portrayal of Psycho Kimberly on Melrose Place in the ’90s (the part where she pulled off her wig and you could see her lobotomy scar? INCREDIBLE), said something honest about motherhood recently: “I really romanticized being pregnant. Then I realized, This is awful! I was so nauseated in the beginning.”

See, was that so hard? You are not a bad parent if you admit that there are a couple of slightly less than great things about all things kid-related. Saying mean things about children or pregnant women in this country is the same thing as criticizing the troops. You practically get accused of being unpatriotic for daring to admit something is not all candy and angels all the time. So thanks, Marcia Cross, for saying something a normal woman would say. Even though you have kids, it’s OK, because you live in California and not here in New York.


One response to “finally, a celeb is honest about pregnancy

  1. Good for her!

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