does rachael ray secretly hate kids?

If you’re a celebrity, a baby is the hottest accessory you can have. Just look at Christina Aguilera on the cover of People magazine with her kid–not only does she have amazing new-mom tits, she got paid like a million bucks just to let someone take pictures of her baby. Even if a famous chick doesn’t want to have kids, she has to deal with people from stupid TV tabloid shows asking her when she’s going to become a mommy or fixating on her imaginary “baby bump.” No one can come right and out say they just fucking hate kids and don’t ever want to have one, because people will boycott their movies and call them unwomanly and shit. However, we think that TV host (and Manhattan resident) Rachael Ray totally doesn’t want kids, and is just too scared of the backlash to admit it. Look at what she said in an interview:

“I’m too tired,” Ray, 39, says in a new interview with Extra. “I feel like I’m a bad mom to my dog… I have five jobs, and I just don’t think I could take on the biggest job of being a parent.”

Maybe this is true. Or maybe she just doesn’t want any damn kids, and feels like she has to pretend to not be sure. Why should people have kids just because they feel like they have to? “Getting my mom or dad off my back” is not a good reason, and “getting Access Hollywood to leave me alone” is an even worse reason. We may think you’re annoying, Rachael Ray, but we could not care less about what’s in your womb.


2 responses to “does rachael ray secretly hate kids?

  1. could you please blog more, this is the greatest blog ever and we need more blogs to talk about through out our day!

  2. Please blog more. This is a great site. All of my friends now use CROTCH FRUIT when talking about all my friends children. Why is everyone reproducing at such a high rate this year? And why did my last comment not get posted eh?

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