take back the express bus

A Bronx loyal reader wrote in with this offense:

“I take an express bus from the Bronx (which is $5 each way) and cannot stand when people get on w/kids, even moreso when it’s rush hour. These people take up 2 seats and only pay for 1. If the kid is in a stroller, they’ll take up another seat (which usually translates into 2 more seats)…so in total 4 seats, which should cost $20. Then the kids doesn’t shut the fuck the whole ride, either whining or crying to talking loud. And if I hear one parent say “use your indoor voice”, I will scream. How about “SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU LITTLE SHIT BEFORE I THROW YOUR ASS OFF THE BUS!”

Sing it sister!


3 responses to “take back the express bus

  1. I cant have children & am not interested to do so. I am 38 & very content being a single,independent women with no children! Yet if I have to hear one more person say “Its so sad you cant have children” I am going to scream! Why do people feel like your broken or defected when you cant “bare” children! We are not horses & we dont have to be!

  2. Pointless to tell you this, but for the benefit of your readers: children do not ride free on express buses. Only babies (under 2) do, when riding on laps. All other children pay $5, same as you. Free rides for children are only on subways and local buses.

    Get your facts straight.

  3. Alright, Alexis.

    Fine, what’s your point? Because the parents have to pay does not mean that the kids should be allowed to behave like raving lunatics!

    I took the train home one night from school, and a woman and her two kids sat down in the car i was riding in (It never fails…)

    The boy was about seven and he was old enough to behave, but the girl was about three-four and she spent the whole trip moaning, whining, ROLLING AROUND ON THE STICKY, FILTHY FLOOR.

    Mommy ocassionally said “Ssssh!” and “You better get up or people will step on you.” I was concerned precious little Kaylee would trip other passengers, but apparently that thought did not cross Mommy’s mind. She would pick the kid up and the kid would stiffen out and fall back onto the floor.

    Finally, Mommy placed the kid in her lap, and HELD HER HAND OVER THE KID’S MOUTH, which of course only made the kid whine louder.

    I think people are either too tolerant, too polite, or just too afraid to interfere. About half way through the ride–just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore–a woman (God Bless Her!) walked over and whispered something to Mommy. I didn’t hear everything, but the woman asked if she could take widdle Kaylee for a walk.

    Mommy said no, probably because she thought the woman would grasp Kaylee’s little pigtails, twirl the spawn around (you know to build up her arm strength) and hurl the screaming brat off the train. I think Mommy finally snapped out of sleep mode.

    Untill I got off the train, (and of course the Happy Family wasn’t exiting until the very last stop) Mommy distracted Bratleigh by saying that you could see Santa out the window.

    I exited the train and dreamed about getting my tubes tied that night!

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