happy valentine’s day from people who hate us

With a little publicity came a lot of comments and support. We were happy to meet others who share our views and we even learned a few new terms like “crotch droppings” and “sanctamommies.” We also learned that everyone who disagreed with us is wrong and beyond dyslexic. And what do the breeders have to say for themselves: 

THEY SAY: “Elisabeth [Hasselbeck] is just as good a talk show host, as that oversized lesbian Rosie, at least she has morals”

WE SAY: Last time we checked, “homophobia” wasn’t a moral value.


WE SAY: You can turn off the computer. We can’t turn off your kid.

THEY SAY: “Can’t wait to hear your message when your baby son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter gets smooshed by a Mack truck. We’ll all have a good laugh then huh? Can’t wait.”

WE SAY: How many times do we have to say we don’t want kids before you believe us?

THEY SAY: “I have a suggestion. Let them grow up and become idiots like you who don’t like kids. Then they won’t have any and the country will continue to be taken over by the Mexicans and others from south of the border and other places I would rather not think about. By the way, these people I speak of love having kids and are making us a minority anyway.” 

WE SAY: Mmmm, xenophobia and racism. Both good reasons to reproduce.

THEY SAY: [Screen name ‘GesusLovesYall’] “Fucking dumb. you sick fucking fat ugly bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

WE SAY: Gesus loves you, too. 

THEY SAY:  “i think you are just too fat to have a baby and you are envious of all us normal people!!!!! thank god you don’t have childrens, god only know what they would be like?????? probably a fat,sad old has been like you!!!!!!!”

WE SAY: Um, even if we were fat…doesn’t that help when you’re having a baby?

THEY SAY: “Sry but I have to leave a comment on this stupid so called site! I was stumbling around the interweb when I found this. Some person QQing about kids and pregnant women. Did you forget that you too were a little brat of a child? Or do you not count? As a mother-to-be and once a baby myself this is just wrong. For once in your life think about what you’re saying! And if you still agree with everything you post about anti-children and pregnant women go QQ in your room and kill yourself! If you think people shouldnt have kids, than you should be dead.”

WE SAY: Telling people to commit suicide is very pro-life, don’t you think?

THEY SAY: “Don’t you have anything better to do? Granted, I was looking up pictures of fat people when I stumbled upon your site, but I was taking a five minute break from my work for a little schadenfreude. But i didn’t create a website devoted to making fun of fat people (or pregnant people). Seriously, put down the flaming hot Cheetos and get a life.Who ever made up this joke is sick! However you have been bought up, obviously mommy n daddy didnt do a good job! Im still disgusted to think people can still make such jokes against black people. You probs need to go back to school n do some history!”

WE SAY: And you need to go back to school n do some english.

THEY SAY: “horrible..horrible..horrible!!! How can u dish on an innocent baby that wasnt even born yet! You shuld be ashamed! Its easy to talk smack from behind ur glorious pc screen! Just plain EVIL.”

WE SAY: We use Macs.

THEY SAY: “It appears that most of you who are anti-baby are just a bunch of hate life, opinionated, alcoholics who’s worst problem in life is some kid waking them up from their alcohol induced coma. Am I wrong?”

WE SAY: While we do love alcohol, we also love life. We love life in New York City, which belongs to adults.


4 responses to “happy valentine’s day from people who hate us

  1. You hate kids AND you use Macs?! We should totally make out this weekend.

  2. “How many times do we have to say we don’t want kids before you believe us?”

    Just after you’re 38 or 39 and you’re hoping like crazy the pregnancy test stick turns pink.

    Twenty-somethings shouting “I’ll never breed!!!” is so cute… it’s like when you’re five and you earnestly declare you’re going to marry daddy. Everyone does it; but it doesn’t make it any less sweet.

  3. I’ll believe the, “I’m not ever going to have kids ” line when you folks get sterilized.

    My guess is that you’ll be paying out the nose for fertility treatments and end up having to adopt a crack baby.

    Good luck with all that.

  4. No, non-breeding twenty somethings will be rolling in disposable income while ibc and Treespeed and other nasty, close-minded parents will be old, broke and slowly rotting away in a minimum care state run nursing home after they signed away their entire life savings to their own nasty, close-minded, children.

    What goes around comes around!

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