take back the subway

Taking the subway is a pretty universal New York experience–we all rely on the train to get to and from work every day. But what to do when you’re on the subway and someone’s kid is singing a song, running up and down the aisles, or throwing a tantrum?

We propose a new law that one car of every subway train be reserved for people with kids. That way, there can be a mini-Park Slope where people can parade their toddlers around and trade stories about cute things little Sierrah and Felix said this morning while keeping the rest of us out of it.


2 responses to “take back the subway

  1. That would be a pretty crowded subway car as it would have to include the homeless, the delirious, the drunk, muggers and the and the folks on their way to work as most of them are indulging in some form of the above mentioned behavior (singing, bragging, throwing a tantrum, and running).

    Again I ask — what’s wrong with singing?

    And why not restrict that one subway car for THE PARENTS — let the kids hang with the rest of the cool patrons.

  2. I’m sitting here, thinking about how angry I get at parents, and I realized – kids are ok. I mean, they like candy, so they can’t be all bad. Then it hit me – I really really hate parents. I hate ’em. They’re retarded.

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