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It’s not just Josie and Ruby who think you should take back the island, you know who else agrees The New York Times. That right, The New York Times. For all y’all who just caught a glimpse of us and want to get to know us a bit better. Here’s an introduction:
-We have beliefs. Read our Mother’s Day Manifesta.
-We have enemies. Sure we were in the same article as him but much like Gawker and any one else who has a brain we hate Neal Pollack (And a few others). 
-We don’t like babies. In fact, we think most things are better than them. Including obesityParis Hilton and Perez Hilton, and even crocs. That’s right crocs
-We talk about timely cultural and political issues. Like Britney and her little sis Jaime Lynn
-We love a good dead baby joke. Especially on Mondays.
-And when all else fails and life seems meaningless. We like to stare at gargamel.  
With love,
Your New York Times cited fame whores Josie and Ruby



6 responses to “the new york times

  1. As someone who has publicly chided Park Slope parents for their children’s abhorrent behavior, thank you for creating this blog. Consider me your newest regular.

  2. Hooray! I have conversations about Park Slope parents and their sense of entitlement every day and I finally feel like I’m not alone. Just went to the Brooklyn museum and had to leave because kids were running around everywhere?! Is there any place for adults anymore? And why isn’t anyone questioning how much these moms are drinking? Shouldn’t that be a concern? Or at least do it at a key party and hire a sitter like my mom used to.

  3. I like babies, but because I DO like them I think that their parents ought to put their children ahead of their own post-adolescent needs.

    And yes, Neal Pollack is annoying.

    Good for you!

  4. I like your site and found it via NYT; but i believe that the NYT was just reporting on the debate, not taking sides.

  5. Hooray! So awesome to see you mentioned in the NY TIMES (along with my stroller manifesto)! It’s about time the national media respected you and our cause.

  6. I didn’t get around to reading the Sunday NY Times until yesterday when I read the article about kids in bars. It was timely as just the night before I was sitting at the MO bar at the Mandarin Oriental enjoying a cocktail when what should come in? A couple with a baby in tow. Okay, not just a baby in tow. The jogger stroller with the thick off-road tires!! Are you kidding me that you can feel free to actually push the stroller into this bar? If you are staying at the hotel, well at least carry your baby; if not, leave the stroller downstairs with the bellhop–the Mandarin is nothing if not accommodating. And to top it off –of course the baby started crying. At $19.00 for a cocktail, I do not want to see any kids, let alone a stroller or a baby. I didn’t realize how I felt about this until I started seeing babies in places that are definitely adult only appropriate.

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