NYC things we prefer to babies

New York’s most elite preschools cost between 7 and 10 grand a year. Here’s some other stuff you can buy in New York for about 7 grand:

  • 159 devil’s food cakes from Magnolia Bakery
  • 28,000 copies of the New York Post or Daily News
  • One year’s rent–if your apartment was rent controlled and cost about $583 a month
  • 47 prix fixe dinners at Jean Georges
  • 85 one month unlimited metrocards
  • A Pamela James handbag
  • 46 reasonably good tickets to Spamalot
  • About ten pairs of Manolo Blahnik shoes (depending on size and color, of course)

2 responses to “NYC things we prefer to babies

  1. Magnolia bakery must be expensive…
    What’s wrong with public school — ain’t that what we pay taxes for?

  2. @ Greenbroke–I’m not in NY anymore, but typically there aren’t public preschools. Preschool is “optional” (unless you’re super-low-income or otherwise qualify for Head Start-type programs), so it costs. and the type of parents who would put their kids into a $7000 preschool are NOT going to utlizie the public schools.

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