vanessa hudgens is anti-baby

Another female celebrity has bravely taken a stand against the wave of PR-based-pregnancies currently sweeping Hollywood. High School Musical star, Neutrogena model, and Zac Efron beard Vanessa Hudgens had this to say to Us Weekly:

“Right now, I do not like kids at all.”

Way to go, Vanessa. If those naked pictures you circulated are accurate, then your body looks too good to ruin by birthing something. Enjoy your happy babyless life!


5 responses to “vanessa hudgens is anti-baby

  1. Dear Vanessa,I luv your acting & u r so pretty I wish i was just like you one day.

  2. wow your such a good role model … you might want to re think the whole acting in high school muscial thing because if you havn’t noticed there are kids that watch it and look up to you and for some reason actually think your still a good person good luck with whatever it is your doing now……..

    • I never heard that she wanted to be a role model, ever. Besides, that High School Musical movie is not about parenting, for what I know. If kids watch it, good! It’s a nice, innocent movie. What any movie has to do with her decisions in life? Have you seen “Sucker punch” or her naked pictures? I hope some kids listen to her opinion, start thinking by themselves and stop doing what everybody wants them or expect them to do.

  3. Well from my opinon your just a straight up porn star. you should quit acting and start getting more naked pictures on the web for people to see.

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