people with kids have no friends

Today’s “No Duh” article is from CNN. Here’s an excerpt-

{Pictured- your social life once you reproduce. Goodbye, VIP list!}

You want to go out for drinks and complain about your new boss, but your friend with kids is too tired, even if she could line up a babysitter. She’d rather you come with her to the playground on Saturday morning so she can vent about her sleepless nights and flabby stomach.

Kaamna Dhawan knows all about that. “In many cases, when work friends have a baby, I lose a happy-hour buddy,” says Dhawan, who runs a networking Web site called in San Francisco. “I find that they are so strapped between baby and work that they have no time for themselves — and therefore their friends.”

When a friend has kids, priorities change, spontaneity goes out the window and the relationship is often strained.

Well, obviously! This just proves that people who have kids talk about their annoying crotchfruit all the time, are no longer fun to hang out with, don’t drink as much, and think their three month old kid is more signficant in their lives than someone they’ve been friends with for like ten years.

Parents = Not Your Friends.


One response to “people with kids have no friends

  1. My best friend is single with no kids. We have a great friendship and rarely talk about my kid. We talk about our horses, men in our lives, and our parents. And whatever pile of books we just bought.

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