heroic restaurant bans kids

Here at TBTI, it’s no secret we think kids should be banned from any restaurant that doesn’t have “family” in the name. That’s why we salute Victoria and Albert Restaurant in Florida, who have banned kids under 10. What makes this story really interesting is that Victoria and Albert is located in Orlando–specifically, at Disney World. That makes us wonder. Does anyone go to a restaurant at Disney World if they don’t have kids? Does anyone even go to Disney World if they don’t have kids? Isn’t that why places like Orlando exist in the first place? I guess there they like old people better than kids. At least they have money.

Anyway, we still salute the brave folks at V&A. Here’s a quote from their manager: “Based on research and feedback, it was the right move to make for a better dining experience for adults.” Word.


2 responses to “heroic restaurant bans kids

  1. Your site came up on mine as “related comment” after I wrote on Victoria and Albert’s historic move to ban children from a Disney restaurant. I hope other restaurants who recognize their key clientele as being adults wishing to dine without children (parents and non-parents alike) begin to follow suit. As a childfree woman I am going to begin making it a point to patronize establishments who stand up to the Momfia. Great site!

  2. Zenkichi in Williamsburg also has a firm “no kids under 14” policy. They’re so adamant that when they call to confirm your reservation, they ask again and make sure. If it were a little cheaper, I’d eat there every night.

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