british women have fake babies, mental issues

Most women who want to have kids without the whole icky labor part get a surrogate or adopt or something. But if you do that, you still have to take care of the kid. You still have to clean up after it and change its diaper and stuff. So what do you do when you want a baby without all the waking up at 3 am stuff? Get a fake baby.

In England, realistic-looking and really expensive baby dolls called “Re-Borns” are being sold to rich women who clearly have nothing better to do than dress their doll up in designer baby clothes and carry it around all day. If you want a baby, get a baby. If you want a doll, get a doll. But if you’re a fucking adult and you think it’s still cute to carry around a pretend baby all day and make it wear little pink bonnets, then you have fucking issues and no one should ever let you near a real kid, ever. Is this what happens when purse dogs go out of style?


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