satc girls ;) quoted!!1!

I hate Sex and the City. I loathe Sex in the City. I abhor Sex in the City. If Sex and City had a pulse I would murder it. My SatC animosity comes from what this dumb show (and soon to be dumb movie) has done to this city–the tour buses, the hordes in front of magnolia bakery, every idiot conversation from four girls in a bar I have had to sit through for the last four years (“You’re the Charlotte, You’re the Samantha…So true!”). But but at least the show had some wisdom. Let’s hear it for the girls:

Samantha’s manifesta:
“I’m so sick of these people with their children. I’m telling you, they’re everywhere! Sitting next to me in first class, eating at the next table…This place is for double cappuccinos, NOT double strollers..”

Carrie on the friend who she forced to buy her shoes:
“It’s like she’s had two caesarians and a lobotomy.”

Miranda on her son:
“It’s children who drag the germs around.”

And well, Charlotte’s wisdom:
“Children are not shoes.”


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