disney channel show helps prove parents are idiots

In Tampa, Florida, a group of stupid parents entered a radio station contest where they had to see who could hold on to a statue the longest. The statue? Of Disney Channel singing star Hannah Montana (aka Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter with giant teeth). The prize? Tickets to the Hannah Montana tour, which is sold out.

If your stupid kids want to go see some stupid Disney channel singer, tell them to get jobs or save their allowance money and buy their own damn tickets. Or at the very least, they can spend all day touching a statue themselves, instead of having their parents do it. This is such a perfect example of the annoying, overindulged kid who is used to Mommy and Daddy jumping through hoops to get their little prince or princess whatever they want. Look–in a year, your kid won’t even like Hannh Montana anymore. They’ll have moved on, and you’ll have to touch someone else’s statue. And is that really the precedent you want to start?


2 responses to “disney channel show helps prove parents are idiots

  1. This is like when parents went ape-shit over Cabbage Patch Kids, except worse. Aren’t tickets to these shows like insanely expensive? Apparently so expensive that they cost most of a parent’s dignity. This makes me want to rant about how parents wouldn’t put themselves in these predicaments if they didn’t already feel guilty about what terrible parents they are in the first place. Way to break the cycle, suckers.

  2. Dude… it’s not for the kids. I think their dads are counting down the days til she’s legal.

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