ok that’s it, let’s take back brooklyn, park slope edition

After making up four kids and answering pages and pages of questions about crocs and the gender of a hat, we joined the Park Slope Parents listserv. It’s best to know what the enemy is plotting. Last week, we came upon the pinacle of Park Slope arrogance. Witness this post:

This morning, I got a nasty note from our (childless) neighbors about
how much our baby cries at night. The note was a bitter 4:00 AM rant
after what they claim has been three months of his screaming in the
middle of the night and telling me it’s “too much to take.” I don’t
know what to do. We learned from this note that his bedroom is right
next to theirs (we chose it because it’s farthest from our living
room and adult noise).

We don’t let him cry for long…But, he’s got like a thousand teeth
coming in, so the usual strategies aren’t working, and last night,
admittedly, was bad; a series of picking up, calming and putting
down, sleeping on his floor, etc.

I wasn’t expecting a nasty note… There are many babies in our
building, I hear them all the time, but what can we do? I know those
parents, like us, would rather their babies not cry. I’m torn
between wanting to be a good neighbor and telling them to move to the
suburbs (sleep deprived myself)!!!

Let’s break this down. Their neighbors, whose only identifying characteristic is being child-free (yay neighbors, we like you), are bad bad people because they dare to complain about the precious little baby. Worse still, these parents are offended that the neighbors would complain about FOUR months of listening to their brat cry ALL NIGHT long. And these brilliant parents are confused about what to do when they find out that their kids’ crib shares a wall with the neighbor’s bed–perhaps you might want to move the crib and or even the kid’s room, just a thought. But the thing that really gets my blood boiling is that they suggest that the neighbors should move to the suburbs. I know their dumb enough to have kids but even they should be able to see that they have this backwards. And if you really want to be a good neighbor, Schelppers do a great job and that Barbara Corcoran gal has some fine properties a bridge or tunnel away that you can check out.


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