ny mag confirms what we already knew


Today’s intelligencer is totally on team TBTI. They get that New York children are monsters and if we don’t stop them then one day they will destroy us all.  Here’s my favorite quote:

“Perhaps, like on Heroes, the Children of New York are developing creepy super-powers. Which raises many questions: How did this happen? Hormones in the milk? Fluoride? We never trusted flouride! And what will The Children do next? Most importantly, how do we stop them?”

You can read the full article here. It involves kids and art. Blah, blah, blah. Instead of debating the latest horrible trend in NY brats, let’s focus on the important question: How do we to stop them? Suggestions?   


2 responses to “ny mag confirms what we already knew

  1. I have a suggestion. Let them grow up and become idiots like you who don’t like kids. Then they won’t have any and the country will continue to be taken over by the Mexicans and others from south of the border and other places I would rather not think about. By the way, these people I speak of love having kids and are making us a minority anyway.

  2. What?

    Dave would be a great parent…bigoted, xenophobic, etc. He should probably be ranting on a FOX NEWS blog instead of this one.

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