christine ‘storked’ coppa redux

So even though we really only snark on pregnancy bloggers when they’re popping one out, we’re still reading Storked mainly just to make sure Christine Coppa and little JD haven’t tried to enter Manhattan. Turns out Tini’s been reading us. She responded today to all the haters who have written mean mean comments about her and her little baby. She even called us out, sadly not by name, for perhaps the nicest of our 10 reasons to sterilize her.

Tini concluded by citing Cohen: “If you wouldn’t…sign your name to an angry rant, than don’t post it on-line. No more hiding behind the keyboard.”

So Tini, we would like to amend our original post and sign our names to it:

–With Love, Josie Hawk and Ruby Stoneheart


One response to “christine ‘storked’ coppa redux

  1. Have you read the latest posts? She’s now a size 4 and does not want anyone touching her child.

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