christine coppa re-redux

Okay, Tini this is war. I feel like today’s post was a direct response to our manifesta. Tini wrote:

“When I think of my future I… just see JD and I….I’m cutting up his food at a sidewalk cafe in New York City, then we’re off to the MOMA to stare wide-eyed at exhibits and run around Central Park until we’re too tired to play and laugh anymore. The image changes, but one thing remains. No matter what, JD and I are happy. Happy. Content…JD satisfies me. Nothing compares. ”

 Our manifesta faults parents who, “take [children] to restaurants that don’t have children’s menus and then proceed to have their child cry over an $18 entree that it doesn’t eat and ruin your hair-of-the-dog brunch.” Sounds Like Tini’s chic Manhattan sidewalk cafe.

Her trip with JD to MOMA, sounds a little too familar. In our manifesta, we called out parents who, “let [their child] rub [its] grubby jam hands all over the Eames chair at MOMA’s design store.”

Perhaps, JD will be a well behaved little Momma’s boy. But, Tini, please keep our manifesta to heart and if JD does behave like every other child, keep him in the ‘burbs.


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