jessica alba wants a baby in an action movie

According to this article, Jessica “I Am A Serious Thespian” Alba has a great idea for a plot point in the upcoming Oscar-winning film The Fantastic Four #3:  her character should, like, y’know, have a baby!

(We only chose this photo because those dogs are seriously adorable, and they keep us from having to look at her.) 

This, from the girl who gives pretentious interviews about what a serious actor she is, despite the fact that every movie she’s ever been in requires her to wear either a bikini or a skintight bodysuit. This from the girl who can barely string sentences together and yet thinks she is smart enough to come up with script ideas. (To be fair, it’s a fucking Fantastic Four movie, but anything that gets Ioan Gruffudd more work is totally fine with us.)

This is yet another example of people who think that once people are married the next logical step would be to have a baby. Rather than, like, a meaningful conversation. Or hobbies.


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