reality tv and babies: when idiots collide

People do crazy things to try and get noticed on American Idol. They dress up in stupid costumes or bring in friends to sing with them. Last year a guy missed his daughter’s birth to audition for the show. This year a wannabe singer hit a new low–she went into labor at auditions. Instead of immediately rushing to the hospital, she stayed and finished singing. Then, to make matters worse, she gave the kid the middle name “Idol.” And the judges, who probably think babies are just so pweshus (Paula) or didn’t want to get called a bad guy for dissing the chick in labor (Randy) passed her through to the Hollywood round.

We like to think the reason Simon is gagged in this photo is because he would have agreed with us that this woman should be smacked, not rewarded.


2 responses to “reality tv and babies: when idiots collide

  1. Rua MacTírean

    Thats shocking! I wonder what her doctor had to say about that

  2. Amazing guys! To think there’s someone evolving as we speak!

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