idiot parents try to name kid ‘4real’

In America, you’re allowed to name your kid something stupid, especially if you’re a celebrity or a Mormon.

In New Zealand, if you try to name your kid something stupid, the government will step in.

A Kiwi couple has been denied the ability to name their kid “4Real.” Because in New Zealand, giving your kid a name that a) contains a number, and b) sounds like the name of a boy band is not allowed. From the article:

Mr Wheaton said he came up with the unlikely moniker after seeing the baby for the first time in an ultrasound scan and realising their baby was “for real”.

However, the family has refused to let the law or good taste get in the way of their choice, insisting they will continue to refer to their two-month-old son as 4Real.

In the meantime they plan to officially name him Superman.

“No matter what, its going to stay 4Real,” Mr Wheaton told the New Zealand Herald newspaper, “I’m certainly not a quitter.”

Between this smackdown and Flight of the Conchords, we may have found the perfect place to someday establish our adults-only colony. TBTI Airlines will now have direct flights from JFK to Auckland. First order of business: finding foster parents and a new name for little Superman Wheaton.


2 responses to “idiot parents try to name kid ‘4real’

  1. Even if they were the best parents in the world.. that kid would probably grow up with childhood traumas…

  2. Everyone Is Someone Else’s Weirdo
    New Zealand ……. A land where Superman is 4Real but holds no imagination.
    The Wheatons might have stepped into the gene pool while the life guard wasn‘t watching but consider this. The soccer team are the All Whites, rugby team are the All Blacks, basketball team the Tall Blacks, hockey team the Black Sticks and the cricket team the Black Caps.
    Please arrange for an earlier flight….
    Women who’ve slept with their daughters boyfriends coming up after the break!!!

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