how to not take kids to restaurants

In addition to wanting to ban kids from airplanes, we’re also in favor of banning kids from restaurants. Remember that Sex and the City episode where Samantha went to a fancy restaurant and some little monster threw pesto sauce all over her white suit and she got asked to leave? We’re still steamed about it.

This article from Fodor’s is a list of do’s and don’ts for taking little Jayden and Moonbeam out to dinner. While it’s written by a parent for a parent, there are a couple of good points.

  • Don’t let your kid be the only kid in the restaurant–it should tip you off when no one else has children there
  • Anticipate meltdowns–because your little monster will start shrieking, and I will give you dirty looks
  • Don’t be a douche. It’s nice to actually see a parent who realizes that it’s your job to raise/discipline your kids, and not mine. I mean, if you have to take them outdoors you shouldn’t be shocked when they bother other people.

Full text of the article is here.


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