40 reasons we love this book

TBTI used to look for reasons not to have kids but then our ovaries listened up and shriveled into cold cold little black pits. Manifest the hate and infertility will come. But just in case you need some incentive our favorite french woman, person of the week (and year), Corinne Maier has just published a bestseller titled “NO KIDS: QUARANTE RAISONS DE NE PAS AVOIR D’ENFANT.”

Here are just a few:

-the loss of those wonderful lazy weekends, lounging in bed and drinking coffee on Sunday mornings

-the vast expense of having a child

-the overwhelming sense of responsibility for the next two decades.

-and McDonald’s, Disneyland and the Disney Channel.

If we don’t post for the next few weeks, know that we’re in France worshiping at the feet of this wonderful woman.


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