dead magazine not as awesome as dead babies

Last night was Heeb magazine’s issue release party.

Remember when Heeb magazine used to be cool? They liked Sarah Silverman before she was every thinking guy’s potty-mouthed sex symbol. When they turned the mag into a Vice ripoff with only a tangential tie to Judaism and an irregular-at-best production calendar, things went downhill fast. In Vice fashion, each issue now has a theme, like “Food” or “Power.” The latest topic is… kids.

Oh yeah, because what we really need is another magazine devoted to children. Are Time Out New York and Time for Kids not enough? Did someone forget about Cookie? Way to be “controversial,” Heeb. You can name your magazine after as many ethnic slurs as you want, but you’ll still be yuppies who want nothing more than to marry other yuppies and raise rich, privileged Manhattan brats who think everything that comes out of their mouths is so brilliant that someone should give them a magazine.


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