take back the bay area

We went to visit our San Francisco operative over the weekend and have to much report. Everyone thinks of the Bay Area as a hippy dippy paradise. Well, you are wrong. Sure, it’s enviromentally friendly and seemingly relaxed. People don’t shower. Restaurants tell you stories about the farmers who grew the tomato they serve you. There are parks, lot of them. But we were shocked to discover deep seeded prejudice and an underlying intolerance for diverse families. And all this from the town that brought us Full House.

If ‘family’ can be defined by an Uncle Jesse, an Uncle Joey and a Danny, one would think that anything is possible. No! San Francisco discriminated against us and our operative’s child Pico. Look at that face. How could you resist?


Well they did. They resisted and they put up signs declaring their hate!


While Golden Gate park exiles families like ours to a crowded concrete paths, they allow every grubby disgusting human child to roam freely in their gated greens causing way more destruction than Pico ever would. Who would you prefer, Pico or these monsters:

child-1.jpg child-2.jpgchild-3.jpg

If nothing else, Pico is on a leash. Yet, San Francisco trusts parents to be able to discipline and control their children. If TBTI has taught you anything, it’s don’t ever rely on parents to do the considerate thing. The moral of this story should be that if Sally can have two mommies or daddies, my baby can have paws.


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