baby vs. obesity

TBTI is launching a new feature soon called Fat Or Pregnant? In honor of the new feature and ability to potentially mock people who are with child, we’re proud to present Baby Vs. Obesity.

If you’re obese, you can get rid of the weight eventually.
You can never, ever get rid of the baby.

If you’re obese, there are support groups for you.
If you are dumb enough to have a baby, there’s nothing we can do for you.

If you’re obese, you can blame it on your metabolism or a glandular problem.
If you have a baby, it is no one’s fault but your own.

If you’re obese, you probably cover yourself up in big tenty muumuu-type dresses.
If you’re pregnant, you wear annoying cutesy crap from a Pea in the Pod and people have to tell you you’re “glowing.”

If you’re obese, you can have a procedure that sucks the fat out of you.
Depending what state you live in, it might be illegal to get the procedure that sucks a baby out of you.


17 responses to “baby vs. obesity

  1. I sort of fear for your souls sometimes.

  2. soul – The immaterial part of a person; the actuating cause of an individual life

    Want mine? I’ll sell it to you for really cheap – if you promise never to have a baby.

  3. Why are you so against having a baby?

  4. takebacktheisland

    Dear Sassafras,

    Please read our manifesta. We think that it will answer your question

    Much love,

    Josie Hawk

  5. u guys suck bals

  6. takebacktheisland

    At least by sucking bals (sic) we won’t get preganant. Love, Josie and Ruby

  7. Don’t you have anything better to do? Granted, I was looking up pictures of fat people when I stumbled upon your site, but I was taking a five minute break from my work for a little schadenfreude. But i didn’t create a website devoted to making fun of fat people (or pregnant people). Seriously, put down the flaming hot Cheetos and get a life.

  8. i would hate to be obese

  9. Sry but I have to leave a comment on this stupid so called site! I was stumbling around the interweb when I found this. Some person QQing about kids and pregnant women. Did you forget that you too were a little brat of a child? Or do you not count? As a mother-to-be and once a baby myself this is just wrong. For once in your life think about what you’re saying! And if you still agree with everything you post about anti-children and pregnant women go QQ in your room and kill yourself! If you think people shouldnt have kids, than you should be dead

  10. I bet Karyn is the bitch in the picture

  11. i think you are just too fat to have a baby and you are envious of all us normal people!!!!! thank god you don’t have childrens, god only know what they would be like?????? probably a fat,sad old has been like you!!!!!!!

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  13. This specific post is kind of lame, but the sentiment of your website is spot on.

    It’s sad that most of the haters on this post are extraordinarily incapable of typing most the basic english – and yet these are the people insisting on sprogging off the next generation. Why can’t sterility naturally follow stupidity?

    Anyway, keep on posting!

  14. I think its true, if ur a fatty the baby might come out all fucked up and why bring a fucked baby into the world?

  15. You guys have serious problems… seriously.

  16. I think this site is hilarious. What is more hilriousis is the fact that everyone takes it so personally. Have your babies and enjoy that life! The rest of us will sit back and enjoy this site! Haha.

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