person of the week


People get rewarded for the stupidest things. Presents for weddings, birthdays, and babies–oh babies, you know how we feel about those things.  Everyone gets rewarded for bumbling through lifes passages, but far too many great things go unacknowledged or worse punished.

While Utah may ban you from the bus station, Laura Stevens, we at takebacktheisland salute you. We honor Laura for taking the bold stand of telling those Mormons about the joys of contraception. Can you repeat after me: con-tra-cep-tion. It’s one of our favorite things.  Like Moses delivering the torah at Mount Sinai, Laura stood at the bus station and delivered to the Utahians the sermon of condoms, the pill, and tying their polygamous tubes.  And what did she get for it? A life time banning. How rude! If religious fundamentalist pharmacists can refuse to fill your birth control prescription because of their beliefs, you should definitely be allowed to tell people to stop fucking breeding already.

We honor you, Laura Stevens, as takebacktheisland’s person of the week.  


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