why kids should be banned from airplanes

Today’s news comes from Philadelphia. A Delta plane going from New York to North Carolina had to make an emergency landing at the Philly airport. Did it run out of fuel? Did someone have a heart attack?

No, it was just some obnoxious kid throwing a tantrum when it didn’t get its apple juice fast enough. The brat got mad at the flight attendant and threw a fit. The age of said kid who had the tantrum? Four. If you are old enough to go to kindergarten, you should be old enough to shut the hell up.

I guess “we’re going to pull this car over right now” is a good threat to use with kids or whatever, but in case you hadn’t noticed, an airplane has a whole lot of people in it. People who are trying to get from Point A to Point B without your whiny, overindulged child being such a terror that they all have to be inconvenienced because your damn kid didn’t get his fucking apple juice quickly enough. Flight attendants are there to give out snacks and headphones and explain what to do if the plane crashes, not to cater to your little brat’s every whim.

If there are any venture capitalists reading this who want to fund our dream of a Take Back the Island airline where absolutely no one under the age of 18 is allowed on the plane, please call us.


5 responses to “why kids should be banned from airplanes

  1. I work at the airport, you should see the tantrums I see daily…it’s not pretty.

  2. leave my son alone

  3. Now this is my kind of blog! :)

  4. Apparently they grounded the plane because brat’s useless father was swearing at the flight attendant. As you know that sort of thing USUALLY gets you jailed. I guess they gave him a pass because he’s a parent?

    Dammit, everyone should get free tickets and that man should be in the pokey.

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