Baby vs. Perez hilton


Perez is gayBabies can’t have sexPerez posts pics of celb babies for us to snark onCeleb babies don’t even know we’re laughing at themPerez makes fun of people we hateBabies ARE the people we hatePerez is a fame whore, he worked to get on the d listCelebrity babies get in the news just for being bornPerez has lawsuitsBabies have playsuitsPerez knows how to use photoshopWe’re forced to photoshop babies out of picturesPerez outs gay peopleBabies are the result of fetishizing traditional families


2 responses to “Baby vs. Perez hilton

  1. Babies can at least appear to be cute in highly staged pictures.

    Perez looks like a douche no matter what.

    I’m sorry, but the babies have my vote on this one.

  2. themexcellentone

    I have much love for Perez…

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