the scarlett letter

Although the “island” in Take Back the Island refers to Manhattan, we’d like to also extend that to include Williamsburg, where brats definitely do not belong. They really get in the way of all that coke consumption.

The trying-to-cling-to-whats-left-of-their-hipster-lifestyle parents bring their little princess (whose name, we soon learn, is Scarlett) onto the L among the skinny-jeaned, giant-sunglassed population. Little Scarlett starts demanding to know which stop they’re getting out at. Mommy says, “3rd Avenue.” Scarlett replies, “Are we going to Whole Foods?” “No,” Mommy tells her. “We’re going to Trader Joe’s.”

trader joe's

“I WANT WHOLE FOODS!” screams Scarlett, banging her hands against her stroller. “I WANT WHOLE FOODS!” She yelled the whole way to 3rd Avenue. Good job raising that ecologically-minded progressive organic-only urban kid there, Parents. You can lead the kid to Trader Joe’s, but you can’t make her be any less obnoxious.


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