amy sohn no longer has sex

Amy Sohn has always been a major player in Park Slope navel-gazing, even before alternadouche Neal Pollack entered the scene. While we’ve loathed her for a long time, the reasons have changed. First it was details about her sex life that made us squirm. She congratulated herself for skanking around town, then she congratulated herself for marrying a guy way older than her and having a freaking kid. ‘Once a sex writer, always a sex writer?’ Only if you’re Dan Savage. Amy has grown up and gotten really boring. She’s not even having sex, let alone writing about it. Well, we assume she’s not having sex, and if she is, she’s married with a kid so we know it can’t be any good.


The worst part about Sohn’s mommification is that she must now mine her child and wretched husband for material. So we must now read about why her baby likes her husband better (hmmm, that’s a hard one) or the pick-up scene on the playground (nothing turns us on like a dirty diaper). 

There’s a lesson in all this–once your dating column turns into a baby column it’s time to hang up your hat and let the next 26-year-old-Carrie-Bradshaw-wannabe move on in and start embarassing us all by her naivite and willingness to have anal sex.


2 responses to “amy sohn no longer has sex

  1. alternadouche. i like that.

  2. The really annoying thing about her is if you email her with commentary on any column, you are forever after on her mailing list with no opt-out.

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