stroller parking

Children are offenses, we’ve already hammered that point home. But sometimes, we see parenting so egregious that even we must protest. So watch out Mommies, Daddies, and Nannies, because if you don’t contain your offspring you’re sure to read about it here.

I had a great time planned last weekend. I was going to go to the farmer’s market and read in my secret rooftop sanctuary where children are forbidden. Unfortunately, the rain hampered my plans. But while I could no longer bask in the sunlight, it was now safe to go outside. The rain had freed the city of the nuisance that is child. I love the rain. It traps children in apartments and subjects their parents to the torture they so rightly deserve.

Idling down13th street towards Joe’s coffee on Saturday, I witnessed a frightening site. There was a child on the loose. And not a child running down the street with a parent desperately chasing after it. No, a stray child. It was parked in a stroller in front of tea adore screaming it’s lungs out. Not a parent, caretaker, or watch dog in site.

Now Mommies and Daddies, as the long weekend is upon us, here’s a small parenting tip from takebacktheisland to you. Don’t leave your child on the street like a stray dog or a rusty bike. It’s not just children that make us hate them. It’s bad parenting. –Josie Hawk


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